Put your passwords to work with Dashlane

Dashlane organizes your passwords and types them for you online, so you can put the right passwords to work when you need them. By letting Dashlane type your passwords and sign you in to sites, you’ll save up to 50 hours per year!

There are 3 ways to use Dashlane’s powerful auto-login feature, so you never have to type your passwords again. You’ll get into your accounts immediately and you can do what you came online to do in the first place, faster!

By going to your website normally

You can access the website you want to log in to just like you would normally do (by finding it in your bookmarks, on a search engine by typing in its URL). Then, when you go to the website's login page, Dashlane will either automatically log you in or offer you to choose which account you want to use, as shown below.

By accessing the website from the Dashlane menu extension

You can auto-login on a site by using the Dashlane menu in your browser. To do this, click on your Dashlane extension menu in your brower and find the website you want to log in to from the list that will be displayed. You can also type the site's name in the search bar. Then, click on the "go to" icon.

Dashlane_Chrome_Extension_-_More_option-_go_to_this_website_1.png Dashlane_Chrome_Extension_-_More_option-_go_to_this_website_2.png

By accessing the website directly from your Dashlane app

You just need to go to your "passwords" section, find the site you want to log in to and click on the  icon. Voila! You're logged in.

To find your credential more easily, you can use the search bar integrated to the Dashlane app and click on the "Go to" icon from there.

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